SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019

November 21 – 23, 2019 • Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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Watch the talks in video

Videos are available for attendees and SymfonyCasts subscribers soon after the conference ends.

HTTP/3: It's all about the transport!

Benoit Jacquemont

A view in the PHP Virtual Machine

julien pauli

How to contribute to Symfony and why you should give it a try

Valentin Udaltsov

Using the Workflow component for e-commerce

Michelle Sanver

How Doctrine caching can skyrocket your application

Jachim Coudenys

Crazy Fun Experiments with PHP (Not for Production)

Zan Baldwin

Crawling the Web with the New Symfony Components

Adiel Cristo

Adding Event Sourcing to an existing PHP project (for the right reasons)

Alessandro Lai

Hexagonal Architecture with Symfony

Matthias Noback

PHP, Symfony and Security

Diana Ungaro Arnos

HYPErmedia: leveraging HTTP/2 and Symfony for better and faster web APIs

Kévin Dunglas

What happens when I press enter?

Tobias Sjösten

HTTP Caching with Symfony 101

Matthias Pigulla

Configuring Symfony - from localhost to High Availability

Nicolas Grekas

How fitness helps you become a better developer

Magnus Nordlander

PHPUnit Best Practices

Sebastian Bergmann

Using API Platform to build ticketing system

Antonio Peric-Mazar

Make the Most out of Twig

Andrii Yatsenko

Mental Health in the Workplace

Stefan Koopmanschap

Eeek, my tests are mutating!

Lander Vanderstraeten

Importing bad data - Outputting good data with Symfony

Michelle Sanver

Symfony Serializer: There and back again

Juciellen Cabrera

Demystifying React JS for Symfony developers

Titouan Galopin

Head first into Symfony Cache, Redis & Redis Cluster

Andre Rømcke

Integrating performance management in your development cycle

Marc Weistroff

Together towards an AI, NEAT plus ultra

Grégoire Hébert

Prime Time with Messenger: Queues, Workers & more Fun!

Ryan Weaver

SymfonyCloud: the infrastructure of the Symfony ecosystem

Tugdual Saunier

Everything you wanted to know about Sylius, but didn’t find time to ask

Łukasz Chruściel

Building really fast applications

Tobias Nyholm

DevCorp: Choose Your Own Adventure

Pauline Vos

One Year of Symfony

Zan Baldwin , Nicolas Grekas


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