SymfonyLive London 2019

September 12 – 13, 2019 • London (United Kingdom)

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Watch the talks in video

Videos are available for attendees and SymfonyCasts subscribers soon after the conference ends. Later they are available for free for the entire Symfony community.

Queues, busses and the Messenger component

Tobias Nyholm

Restless microservices with Symfony

Neal Brooks

Things you will need to know when Doctrine 3 comes out

Denis Brumann

Security Best Practices with Symfony 4.4

Michael Cullum

Symfony Checker is coming

Valentine Boineau

Boost your Symfony apps with HTTP/2 ​and HTTP/3

Kévin Dunglas

Feeling unfulfilled by SPA promises? Go back to Twig.

Dan Blows

Demystifying React for Symfony developers

Titouan Galopin

Symfony QA

Jakub Zalas

BDD Your Symfony Application

Kamil Kokot

SymfonyCloud: the infrastructure of the Symfony ecosystem

Tugdual Saunier

Migrating to Symfony one route at a time

Steve Winter

The fabulous World of Emojis and other Unicode symbols

Nicolas Grekas


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